Top 10 tips for swimming with Apple Watch

Tip 3: Tap to Wake still works, even in waterproof mode

On dry land, your Apple Watch screen wakes automatically every time you raise your wrist. But when you’re swimming, your wrist is raised most of the time. That means your watch screen gets bored and goes to sleep.

The good news is that, even in waterproof mode, Apple still lets you tap the screen to wake it up.

Press the Digital Crown and side button together to pause an Apple Watch swim workout when in waterproof mode.

Tip 4: How to pause your swim workout in waterproof mode

Normally, to pause a workout, you just swipe right and tap the pause button. But you can’t do that during a swimming workout because waterproof mode disables the touchscreen. Fortunately, Apple still lets you pause a workout by pressing the Digital Crown and side button at the same time. In watchOS 4, this even works with third-party fitness apps like MySwimPro.

If you have screenshots enabled on your watch, it’s a little annoying, because the two-button press also triggers a screen shot every time you pause your workout. So you might want to turn that off. (In the iPhone Watch app, go to General > Enable Screenshots.)

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