Top 10 tips for swimming with Apple Watch

Tip 1: Start the Apple Watch swimming workout before you dive in

This may sound really obvious, but remember to start the swimming workout on your watch before you get into the water. Once you’re in the pool, your hands get all wet and your watch gets soaked. It’s much harder to use. (That’s why Apple disables the touchscreen in waterproof mode.)

The first few times I went for a swim with my Apple Watch, I kept forgetting this. If you do that, it’s a real pain. Sometimes I even had to get out of the pool again and towel off before I could get the watch to work.

So get into the routine of starting the workout while you’re still nice and dry.

Tip 2: How to get the pool length right every time

When you log a Pool Swim, your Apple Watch uses the length of the pool to calculate the distance you covered. It’s essential to enter that distance correctly at the start of your workout. Otherwise, your stats will be way off.

Most public swimming pools are standard lengths like 25 yards. A sign posted nearby should tell you how long it is; if not, you can alway ask an attendant. But private pools and hotel pools often come in nonstandard sizes. In that case, you can use an augmented reality measuring app on your iPhone, like ARuler, to get the length. These apps aren’t 100 percent accurate, but using one will prove far better than just guessing. (Remember, though, that cameras are often banned in public swimming pools.)

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