Top 10 tips for swimming with Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch loves getting wet (provided you own a Series 2 or 3). But when you start a swimming workout, the waterproof mode kicks in automatically, which means the Apple Watch touchscreen stops working. So how are you supposed to use it?

Swimming with Apple Watch certainly takes a bit of getting used to. But if you check out our top 10 tips before you dive in, you’ll discover your smartwatch is almost as indispensable in the pool as your Speedo. Almost.

Apple Watch loves swimming and so should you

Swimming is an awesome way to get fit. It’s an aerobic exercise, so it burns calories and helps you to live a longer, healthier life. When it comes to health benefits, swimming is similar to running, but without the constant pounding of the asphalt, which can be tough on your body (especially if you have problems with your joints). In the pool, the water supports and cushions you from impacts, which reduces your risk of injury.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s hit the pool.

Apple Watch swimming tips

Remember to start your Apple Watch swimming workout before you get into the pool.
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