Top 10 Greatest Architectural Wonders Of Ancient World

Saksaywaman, Cusco, Northern Peru

Saksaywaman is a walled Inca fortress located in Cusco city in Northern Peru. The complex is one of the most important archaeological site in the country. The large monumental complex is located at an attitude of 3701 meter and covers thousands of hectares of land. It is three level complex made of large stones. The size and shape of stones used for the construction also varies at different sections of the site and biggest stones weighs more than 200 tons.

The large complex was built by Inca empire (between 1438 and 1533). The Inca architects rough-cut the large stones and fit together perfectly without using the mortar.The large rocks were imported fro mile away places using only man power  The method used by Incas for match the stones are still a mystery. They also used stones of variety of shapes for the construction of the complex. It helped many parts of Saksaywaman to remain intact.

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