The Do’s and Don’ts of Street Photography

Street photography can be fun, but it can also be tricky.  People are always asking me how I managed to get a photo of the subject without upsetting them.  My answer is always the same – JUST ASK THEM.

An Italian friend of mine recently went to NYC with his camera and asked me how he should approach people.  Since he is a photographer, I told him the best way is to mention that very thing and hand them a business card.  Most people are flattered at the idea of a professional photographer wanting to take their photo and always ask where they can find it online later.

6 Do’s & Don’ts In Street Photography

DO ask for permission if you’re about to invade someone’s privacy, intimate moment.
DON’T need to ask for permission if you’re taking photographs in a public place.
DO carry your professional business cards, it’s the easiest way to ask for permission.
DON’T take it personal if someone says they don’t want their photo taken by you.
DO invest on a zoom/telephoto lens. They allow you enough distance from the person you’re photographing that they aren’t able to see you.

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