The Best Smartwatch For IPhone Is Apple Watch, But Not The One You Think

Whether you’re looking to track your fitness goals, access important emails, or simply tell the time at a glance, the perfect smartwatch should be an indispensable extension of your smartphone. Since many Apple loyalists view their iPhone as an indispensable extension of themselves, it only made sense to find the very best smartwatches for iPhone users on the market.

The fledgling smartwatches industry was but a Dick Tracy-inspired possibility just a few short years ago. Now, wrist-based wearables are a hot commodity that provide tech consumers with new and exciting ways to integrate with their phone and daily tasks. Since there’s no shortage of brands pushing their smartwatches as the latest and greatest, we’re here to cut through the noise and find the best smartwatch for iPhone users.

Because of Apple’s notorious closed-circuit approach, the answer is likely inline with what you’d expect. The most integrated smartwatch for iPhone users is the one made by Apple itself, the Apple Watch, but it’s not the one you think. We actually recommend the Apple Watch Series 1 over Apple’s flagship model, and we’ll explain why in this post.

While there’s a bevy of great Apple Watch alternatives, total integration with your phone is the ultimate goal with any smartwatch. No matter how strong the competition is, Apple has cornered its own market by offering a completely integrated experience within its circle of products. Let’s breakdown what makes the Apple Watch the best smartwatch for iPhone users, as well as find out what other brands iPhone users can turn to if they’re looking to branch out from the Apple tree.

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