The 7 Secrets To A Successful Backpacking Trip

Do what works for you to get in shape (Merino wool t-shirt and New Balance runners from Sporting Life)

Pick a trail that suits your ability.

Do some research beforehand. Look at a host of trips you’d like to do and then narrow it down based on what will be a good fit with your skill level and time frame. If you’re not great at navigation stay with a signed trail. Hate climbing with a loaded backpack? Pick something with less elevation gain. Not sure about a description of a trail? Go online and Google the trail – then follow-up with bloggers who have done it and can offer personalized advice.

And just as an FYI in the Canadian Rockies – book in the winter for the best choice of backcountry campsites. Or call the parks and inquire as to whether they have last minute cancellations.
The backpacking trip to Nigel Pass and beyond is a reasonable one and gets you into beautiful mountain landscapes

Be realistic about the distance you can cover each day.

Like the look of a 75 kilometre trail but you’ve never hiked more than two days in a row? The West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island would be a great example and while many people do it – I’d recommend working up to it so you fully enjoy the experience. If you train for it, anything is possible but don’t leave the conditioning until the week before. You also risk injuring yourself and may put others in a predicament. If you keep the mileage to a realistic level based – perhaps adding a day if necessary, then the longer trails will be a lot more fun.

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