The 7 Secrets To A Successful Backpacking Trip

If you’re going to be part of a group do you like the people in your proposed group and how do you think the group dynamics will play out over a few days or even a week? Will there be sharing of tent setup and cooking duties? Do people move at similar speeds? Do you have the same goals? Are you on the same wavelength for starting times each day? How well do you communicate?

The bottom line – nail these important points down and if you have serious misgivings about your hiking partner pull out well in advance of the proposed trip.
Just because you are friends or partners doesn’t mean that you are great hiking companions

Get in shape before the trip.

Most of us don’t carry a backpack around in our day to day life. And unless we make a point of it, many  of us don’t stretch, do circuit training or any of these 7 way to get fit that take just 10 minutes a day as suggested by Backpacker Magazine. Have a read. The bottom line. Start well in advance of your trip and vary your routines. Consider hiring a personal trainer for a program and then once a month get it fine-tuned as you progress.

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