The 7 Secrets To A Successful Backpacking Trip

You’ve put a lot of work into planning a multi-day backpacking trip but it turns out to be a disaster. You want to try it again but you haven’t decided if it’s worth the effort. Maybe you’ll just stick to day hikes instead.

If this sounds like you don’t give up on backpacking. It’s always going to be one of the best ways to get into areas that are off limits to day hikers. Instead learn the secrets of a successful backpacking trip, follow them – and voila; I can almost guarantee a positive experience.

Choose your hiking companions wisely.

If you’ve never hiked with someone before, a multi-day backpacking trip is not the time to test the waters. Plan on at least a hike or two before the main event. You want to see if you’re compatible when it comes to hiking styles and pace. Do you like to stop often to take photos while your friend is driven to reach camp? Do you like short breaks to quickly rehydrate and eat a bar or do you always wait until lunch time? These are just a few of the questions to ask yourself when there are just a couple of you.

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