There’s been a huge shift away from city vacations, resort holidays and booze cruises toward adventuring in the true outdoors and it’s been gaining more and more traction in recent years.

Maybe it’s the Instagram ‘mountains and fedora’ craze or maybe it’s because being in the outdoors is awesome and word of mouth is creating a snowball effect.

Whatever the reason I think it’s a good thing that more of us lean towards spending some quality time outside, away from technology and close to nature. Where am I going with this you may wonder?

I have spent more than a year hiking and photographing the Canadian Rocky Mountains. I completed hundreds of kilometres of trails on day and overnight trips.

Naturally I didn’t exhaust the possibilities. For that I fear a lifetime of exploring wouldn’t be enough. I did however discover a few of my favorite trails, which I am going to share with you today.

Why do I favor them over others? Some due to their very limited human traffic and remoteness, others because of the great wildlife viewing possibilities, but mainly because all of them offer truly breathtaking views. Something I am a huge sucker for.

Smutwood Peak

Mount Birdwood viewed from Smutwood peak. Best hikes in the Canadian Rockies

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