Landscape photography ideas: 9 ways to break the rules for more creative images

Tired of long exposures and dramatic sunsets? Classic landscape scenes are over-photographed for a reason. But sometimes it’s nice to break free from convention and do something a bit different. After all, developing your own style and making images that stand out is one of the ultimate goals of any photographer.

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to kick-start your creativity and incorporate techniques and ideas from other genres into your landscape photography.

Landscape photography ideas: 01 Make Bokeh

Landscape photography ideas: 01 Make Bokeh

Often the hallmark of portraiture, opening your aperture up wide can produce some very striking results in your landscape photography. You’ll find that a wide aperture will turn all the small background highlights in your scene into pleasing out-of-focus orbs that make an image look magical.

You can even take this a step further and directly control the shape of your bokeh. This is a simple technique anyone can do by cutting a shape – such as a heart or diamond – out of a piece of cardboard, which you then mount over your lens.

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