I Took Unique Photographs Of Polish Landscapes In The Closest And Barely Known Landscape Park

I’m a photographer and retoucher. I live just outside of the borders of Załęcze Landscape Park. Since 2008 (this is the year when I started my photography journey) I’ve been learning how to take landscape photographs, mostly in that place. There wasn’t any iconic images from that area, so I had to think different.

My first years in photography looks more or less like that: after I came from school I took my camera and cycled or walked to places I’ve never been to. During weekend and holidays I wanted to hunt for a mist too, so I woke up early and cycled with a camera to the river bank. Sometimes I returned with good photographs or with new discovered places.

It took me several years to notice value of new locations. Nowadays I know, that during years of my leaning process, I developed my unique style and what is more important –I can see beauty in any part of the world around me.

Below you can see places which I’ve discovered in Załęcze Landscape Park.



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