The trailhead for the Berg Lake Trail is just minutes away from the Mount Robson visitor centre and around an hour (ca 90km) drive west from Jasper on highway number 16.

I decided to spend the night sleeping in my camper van on the parking lot in front of the visitor centre, to be ready to take off the next day, as early in the morning as possible.

Since it was later in September prior campsite bookings were not required and I paid for the camping permit on the trail at the visitor centre in the morning before setting off. However with ever growing popularity of this hike getting a permit on the spot would be very difficult nowadays.

If you are planning to do the hike during the official season (roughly between July and September) I would highly recommend booking your camping spot as soon as the reservation system opens. Bookings for the 2018 season opened on October 1st 2017!  You can check the current fees and make reservations directly with BC Parks Discover Camping Reservation Centre.

Upon registering, other hikers and I had to watch an old school video about the proper conduct on the trail. The video gives you some information about the park and how to be a good visitor. Take only photographs and leave only footprints, and for crying out loud don’t leave you trash behind!

It’s worth mentioning check-in at the visitor centre is mandatory and you are better off following the rules. You are heading into backcountry! You don’t want to end up like the guy from “127 hours” now do you?

Berg Lake Trail breakdown

Mount Robson at sunset - Hiking Guide to Berg Lake Trail in Canada

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