Best Street Photography of the Last 20 Years

A great street photographer lives in the here and now. Their eyes are always attuned to the nuances of life, their awareness is heightened to supra-sensory levels, their reflexes as quick as an athlete. They do more than see: they look, ever vigilant to the cast of light and shadow to create a mood, or the movement of people through the cityscape, careful to capture a fraction of a second forevermore. In celebration of the best street photography of the last 20 years, Crave showcases some of the best contemporary masters of the form.

Dave Schubert

When Dave Schubert was a child, his father gave him a camera to cope with the stress of constantly being uprooted as a military brat. His first photo session? The Garfield stuffed animals organized proudly on his bed. But when his teen years hit, Schubert took to the streets, photographing the skate scene and the graffiti scenes in New York. He headed out to San Francisco, where he currently resides, photographing life that he finds. “For me, taking street photographs is an excuse to be out,” Schubert observes.

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