Top urban photographers are often asked to share their most secret locations. The hot spots for urban photography in London and best areas of the city to visit for street photographers aren’t hard to find, if you know where to start!

Here are my ultimate places for street photography in London, in no particular order, all selected after countless hours walking this city’s streets.


Camden Town is just great. Street photographers from all over have always been drawn to it and Camden Lock with its markets has always been right up there for me. There I shot most of the photos in my Great Londoners series which was exhibited during my solo show at the Hoxton Hotel Holborn last year. The punks may have deserted more recently but it’s still full of quirks. It helps that I live only a few stops from it. Beware though as it sometimes gets so busy that getting the shot becomes near impossible because of the crowds of tourists. My ideal time there is 10am to 11am, just before the madness kicks in.

 Camden Street Photography
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