10 Of The Most Scenic Backpacking Trips In Canada

En route to Grizzly Lake, Tombstone Mountains, Yukon Territory

Akshayuk Pass, Auyuittuq National Park, Baffin Island, Nunavut

If you’re looking for one tough adventure, then this is the backpacking trip for you. Although daily distances are reasonable, and elevation gain is minimal, it’s likely your pack will be very heavy and that’s what makes this trip so hard. There is a reward – a desolate yet powerful landscape of mountains, fast flowing rivers and glaciers where few have trod. Wildflower displays can be stunning but don’t expect much in the way of wildlife. Along the route you pass Mt. Thor – boasting a massive cliff face – the largest in the world rising a kilometre above the valley floor.Overlord - the start and end point of the hike to Akshayuk Pass, Auyuittuq National Park

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