10 Most Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries Of All Time

The 600 meters long sacsayhuaman wall have a zingzang structure. Each block of this wall weighs hundreds of tons. Sacsayhuaman wall protected famous archaeological tower named muyu marca, sala marca and paunca marca, also a temple related to sun.

Nazca Lines

nazca lines

Nazca lines are unusual formation of white lines that can be seen when you make a flight trip over the desert of southern Peru. It is one of the popular UNESCO world heritage site in the country.This ancient mysterious formation have shapes of trapezoids, rectangles, triangles and swirls. By making close observation, you can also spot 70 animals, plant structures and 300 geometrical shapes.The purpose of this lines is still unknown.

Archaeologists estimated that Nazca lines were created by Nazca Indians between 500 B.C and 700 A.D. So, these ancient drawing remain intact for 2000 years.  A large community of people believed that these lines were formed by aliens for following right path.

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