10 Most Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries Of All Time

The archaeological discoveries always remind you about the creative mind of our ancestors. Such discoveries are also a great chance to see the centuries of old objects. Here the list of 10 most mysterious archaeological discoveries of all time.

Voynich Manuscript

voynich manuscript

Voynich manuscript is entitled as ‘world’s most mysterious manuscript’ ever. It was discovered in 1912 from North Italy. The language, scribe and author of voynich manuscript is still unknown. According to the archaeologists many pages of this manuscript misses and 240 pages remain now.

The drawings of different herbal plants are the most interesting thing that found on voynich manuscript. Untill now no one can match these drawings to any known plant species. It is believed to be voynich manuscript was written in 15th century. Apart from the herbal section, this mysterious manuscript also contains astronomical, biological, cosmological and pharmaceutical section.

Mount Owen Moa

mount owen moa
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