10 Classic Canadian Hiking Trails

Canada’s Classic Hiking Trails

Visitors from around the world head to Canada to explore the trails, and with good reason.

Canada’s land plus the freshwater area is 9,984,670 square km (or 3,855 174 square miles). That’s a lot of hiking. More than just quantity though, the country’s vast lakes, mountains, forests, and wildlife offer inescapable opportunity to witness sublime natural beauty.

In addition, an effective network of government agen

Hiking Trail above Lake Louisecies, including Parks Canada, is committed to protecting and sharing some of Canada’s most scenic green space. Camping, hiking, and boating in Canada are all easy to navigate and safe if you stick to the managed areas.

Here are 10 classic Canadian hikes that won’t let you down, but they are just the start.

West Coast Trail, British Columbia

Owen Point, West Coast Trail

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