Johns and Frank develop a bond between Superman and his recently returned cousin, Supergirl, juxtaposed with a focus on his upbringing from the Kents. Johns angles the Brainiac story as a cycle of death and rebirth, as the story concludes with the double whammy of the re-emergence of Kandor – which would pave the way for the New Krypton saga – and the poignant death of Jonathan Kent.

The Mighty One

As Seen In: Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #29

“Like the ‘Golden Fleece’ of ages past, the suit of ‘Mighty One’ awaits… waits for the return of its original owner.”

Jack Kirby’s seminal Kamandi series is fondly remembered for many things, but this tale of Superman as legend in the far future has to be one of the best. The first entry on this list that focuses on Superman as an idea rather than a character, Kamandi #29 found our titular hero and his companion Ben Boxer discovering a tribe of advanced apes who worshipped a legend they called, you guessed it, the Mighty One.

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