The reason for this limited access is the stunning beauty of the area. If you can get a reservation plan on 2-3 nights here minimum. This pristine sky blue Lake O’Hara lays in a valley surrounded by spruce trees and the jagged snow-capped mountain tops of the Canadian Rockies. There are many great options, such as heading up to Lake MacArthur or taking a 2-mile stroll around lake O’Hara. The highlight is the All Souls route and the stunning views as you explore the mountains around the lake.


Vermilion River

The Rockwall Trail is a scenic trail in Kootenay National Park located in beautiful British Columbia. This trail extends 34 miles (one way) through the Canadian Rockies. This hike is the most beautiful section of Canada’s infamous Great Divide Trail. The highlight of this trail is the 18-mile section of nearly unbroken limestone that tops out at over 11,000 feet. Most people complete this hike in 3-5 days, depending on their experience and weather conditions. The trailheads for this hike are 8 miles apart, so once you exit the park you can hitchhike back to your car, or hike the 8 miles back. Be warned though, this is a tougher trail than it looks and is often hit by inclement weather. If you get good weather then this is an epic trip!

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