Canada is a beautiful country with some of the most epic hiking trails heading through untouched backcountry. It is the second largest country in the world by landmass, with nearly 4 million square miles of land. Forests cover half of the land in Canada, which makes for some of the best backpacking in the world.

Backpacking in Canada is a bit different from Europe. Your party is often alone, the nearest road is where you left your car and there are no friendly mountain huts with hot food and cold drinks. Instead, you get untouched wilderness the way the wild places have been for thousands of years. Animals are abundant, views unspoiled and the tranquility extreme.

Here at 10Hikes.com we’ve spent a lot of time hiking in the Canadian wilds. Here is a comprehensive list of the 10 best backpacking trails in Western Canada.


Lake O'Hara

Lake O’Hara is in the Yoho National Park in British Columbia and is not really a full-fledged backpack. This area has restricted access, with only guests to a historic mountain lodge and a backcountry campground getting transport by bus on an 11km road.

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